The Hive


The Hive was interesting to make with different challenges compared to the Hop Market. The illustration for the Hop Market focused on the exterior of the buildings. The main design elements for the Hive were the views through the windows.

The last part of creating the Hive was to cut and bind the fabric.  That was when I could see the true effect of the artwork.    


In each scene, I tried to recreate the daily activities within the building.There are people reading, searching for books and having a drink in the cafe. 



Experimenting Creating Texture

I originally was going to create the texture for the roof by applying paint with a sponge. I practised on a sample piece but found it difficult to get an even pattern. Instead, I decided to buy fabric with a subtle design for the top section, and paint dark orange for the bottom section of the roof to give it more definition.



Constructing the Windows

I used nearly 10 metres of ribbon when making the Hive, all sewn with my 1955 Singer sewing machine. I have several sewing machines, which are threaded up with different colours so that I’m not re-threading the machines so often. 



I couldn't resist putting some paintings on the walls.  I painted an impression of Kandinsky and Monet  paintings.  I wonder which book the person on the top floor is looking for.


 The next building I will create is the Dents glove factory and then the Hop Market Hotel.