The Charter Festival 1621 - 2021


The Design Idea
I chose to create a 3m x 3m textile wall-hanging which focuses on three prominent industries that made Worcester the city it is today.  The design will be created using appliqué (shapes cut out of fabric and sewn together), embroidery, fabric paint, and photo-transfer.  Which industries did I choose?   


In the late 1700s and early 1800s, Worcester produced nearly half of Britain’s gloves and is still known for its former prominence in the industry.  I decided to research four companies – Dent’s, Fownes, Milore and Alwyn Gloves.  Dent’s and Fownes were founded the same year in 1777; Alwyn Gloves was the last glove-making company in Worcester, which closed in 2015. 

To represent this industry, I have chosen to illustrate one of the factories; including transfer prints of original photographs of the workers and incorporate facts about the companies throughout the design.


The Charter 400-year festival is a celebration of the charter issued on the 2nd October 1621 by King James I to the first Mayor of Worcester.  To find out more about the Charter and the festival events, visit www.visitworcester.co.uk/charter-400.


The Hop Market and Hop Pole Inn
Worcester was the only authorised Hop Market in England outside London.  The Hop Pole Inn, now Victoria House was a prestigious hotel in the 1800s, guests included Lord Nelson and Princess Victoria
The Hop Market will be portrayed as a market day.     I chose to include the Hop Pole Inn because of the importance of Lord Nelson and Princess Victoria’s visits. 


I decided to illustrate the Light Night Festival which is part of The Arches Festivals. The Arches and Hive will be the setting for the festival in the design which will be lit with LED lights.


Take Part

There will be tags for visitors to write their experience of living and working in Worcester, which can be put in pockets attached to the artwork. These will be photographed and uploaded to a link on the blog menu. If you visit the Charter Day celebration, please take part and contribute your memories.   


What next?
I am in the process of contacting various people who can help with my research.  I have decided to make the hop market section of the design first, probably because it is one of the more detailed sections of the design.  I always like to start on a complex piece on a new project.