Light Night


This last section of the wall hanging to create is the people walking, holding umbrellas during the Light Night festival with a group of people taking a selfie in the foreground.


The video footage of the 2020 Light Night parade with people twirling lit umbrellas inspired this section, click  here to view this and find out more about this year's events. 


 To create the light effect, I sewed LED lights in the umbrellas, concealing the wire between the top and backing fabric. Bright-coloured clothing emphasizes the celebrations. The people in the foreground capture the festival with a selfie.


The construction process

umbrellas Attaching the lights and sewing the people taking the selfie.



I used the village hall to layout the design, ready for constructing.



A lot of the work had to be done in the garden because of the size of the piece. I was fortunate to have some lovely weather; this particular day was very hot, so I had to put up my gazebo to keep cool. Ironing and sewing in the garden is quite fun.