The Hop Market Hotel


The Hop Market Hotel was the most challenging of all the buildings. There are so many windows it was easy to lose track of which window I was painting. I decided not to use different fabrics or ribbons for the windows because of the size, as some were very small. 

This is the hotel at its current stage, the embroidery will be added next week.



There was no need to paint the first floor because the hotel won't be visible.



The First Stage

I drew the building with tailor's chalk and decided to paint the windows first. The photograph below shows the point where I changed my mind and began to add detail to the front of the building. It was confusing painting windows without any reference points to the rest of the building.




Adding Detail 

As I added detail, I noticed that some of the windows were slightly out of perspective, which I corrected as the painting developed. I worked from the centre to the right, repositioning the fabric to paint the left side because the board I was using was smaller than the design.  The door was the final part that I painted.




Next week I will embroider the details which will give it a sharper finish.