Dance Backdrop for McCarthy-Felton School of Irish Dance

Project: To design a 7 m x 3.5 m hand-painted silk backdrop for the 2018 10th Feis hosted by the dance company. The backdrop incorporates Irish symbolism and the central feature is the dance logo. This was the biggest project I have completed to date.


The initial illustration was approximately A5. A 1 cm grid was drawn over it and the squares were scaled to 50 cm squares on wallpaper lining. The design was transferred to the wallpaper and then traced onto the silk.


The initial artwork was made in sections of 5 x 3.5 m lengths of silk. Four wallpaper pasting tables were used for each piece. The tables weren't long enough, so the silk had to be moved along once the painted sections had dried. The panels were painted individually, and sewn together when they were completed.


The image below is of the backdrop being used in 2018. In 2019 I was asked to add a Celtic border design. It will be displayed in 2021; it will be photographed and uploaded on this page.